Working from Home

I’ve had so many people ask me what it’s like working from home so I will try and share my experience the best I can. As a primary stay at home mom it is definitely tricky and stressful at times, but I am really so thankful that I have the opportunity.

I’ve always wished for such an ideal situation so I am definitely not taking it for granted and am a true believer that things that are meant to be are when it is the right time. When I first found out we were moving to Hood River (never in a million years did I think we would move here first of all) the last thing on my mind was that I would have a job opportunity waiting for me here. It’s all about networking because long story short I know someone who knows someone and there ya go and I have her to thank for this awesome connection – it was meant to be!

This is my work space, it’s in my bedroom, it’s not ideal but it totally works for now so yay! I am only working very part time between 10-15 hours a week so it’s very doable and during the holidays it was 25 hours for a bit and might go back up to that. Ideally in the future I want to work full time, but right now that the girls are so little and still at home with me it is ideal to be partime, but if I got offered to work more hours I would definitely consider taking it on but I would have to get childcare or figure out something because as it is I work nights, evenings or weekends so having my hours put in during the day would be better. It’s tricky though because financially is it worth it to pay someone to take care of the girls while I work very parttime? It’s something we are constantly going back and forth about.

As moms we are all challenged with this whole role of being mom and also being a provider for the family. Many moms have amazing careers they loved even before kids and want to work them while other moms have to work because as we all know the struggle is real. I’m kind of in the middle. I mean having been a single income household (with random occasional income on my end) the first three years of being parents was an adjustment for sure. We were so used to both of us working and basically being really comfortable for a few years while dating. It all comes down to lifestyle though and deciding what is important. We aren’t fancy people, I didn’t have an established career (nursing school orientation drop out) and I wanted to raise my babies myself so we decided I would stay home or maybe it was decided for us as it felt like the most natural role as we fell into parenthood.

It’s so much work being home with the girls full time and as any mother knows not only is it physically exhausting taking care of little ones and their every little need, but it is emotionally draining. After a few years of mainly being at home ( I should mention I did have a little gig helping my friend out with her Airbnb’s when Penelope was a baby so that did bring in a little something and it was a distraction for me) with Penelope and Isabella’s first year, I was ready to have my brain start working in a different capacity and to enter the workforce. It was time and I’m so glad I did – change is good!

So here I am. I started in October and it’s been a few months now and I definitely am in my own little groove now. So what exactly do I do? I get that question all the time. It took me a while to figure it out myself ha ha. I work as a consultant for a company who runs and manages pro purchase programs for different brands in the outdoor retail industry so it’s sales and marketing, database management and pro qualifications (determining who qualifies as a pro and who doesn’t). It’s basically a lot of emails (thankfully no business calls!) and research for our own database collection.

My boss the founder has been working on pro programs in the Outdoor, Ski, and Bike Industry for over 20 years. With some of the most prestigious companies in the industry on his resume, including Black Diamond Equipment, Nike, The North Face, Patagonia and prAna as a F/T employee; and now running this business with a solid list of clients including Smith Optics, Woolrich, Helly Hansen, Filson, K2, GU, Astral, Obermeyer among many others. He sure knows what he is doing and it’s been great getting to be a little part of it as his business grows.

With consulting you work for yourself so it’s definitely not for everyone but since my husband has a stable career and we get excellent healthcare and benefits etc. for our family it works out that I do this. Ideally the goal is to one day work full time when the girls are in school but who knows what and when that will look like for me.

Somedays I am able to work during Isabella’s nap during the day and that lessens my evening load but if that window comes and goes without me getting that hour of work in, I put in a couple hours in the evening, usually 8-10pm is when I like to sit down and plug away. Most of the time I am easily able to get those hours in, ok maybe I shouldn’t say easily but I get them in. Some weeks it’s just too crazy busy and I put in most of my hours during the weekend and that is why having this opportunity is ideal. As long as the work gets done, then all is well.

I am super thankful I get to call this my job. It’s not anything super challenging or demanding of me and I’m not making a ton but it’s something and for now it is working for us.

Being back at work now was perfect for me because before then I wasn’t ready. I honestly didn’t want to. Now that my youngest baby is 18 months it feels more than right to have my time be divided and spent doing something else. I can’t just be mom all the time. Well I guess I can and still am but now I have a little more and different responsibility to help spice up the dynamic.

Moms are incredible. I only work very part time but now more than ever do I have an admiration to all those hard working career moms out there juggling it all and to all those exclusively stay at home moms running the household and raising the next generation. Some days I feel like I couldn’t do either and that’s why I limbo somewhere in the middle barely getting by. Seriously! It’s tough. Women in general are amazing aren’t they? I mean men and fathers are too, don’t get me wrong and I don’t want to leave them out but holy heck women create life and then so much more. Amazing!





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