Preschool at Home

So why did we take Penelope out of Preschool? So basically there are a few reasons but the main one was that she clearly told us, “I don’t want to go to preschool anymore”. Three year olds are able to articulate exactly what they want and need so when she told us I don’t want to go she also added that it wasn’t fun, she didn’t like it and that she wanted to stay home with me and Isabella.

We’ve had a lot of snow days so she’s been home a lot due to school being cancelled and I think that’s when she got a little too cozy being home and to be honest it made me realize a few things. As much as she can be such a pain and trust me there are days were we are both in tears because we can’t figure out all her emotions, but when the stars align and they do align a couple times a day, it’s the best and I love having her at home. Penelope was in school half the year three times a day so it was a huge break and help for me especially since I started working but I am only working very part time and though it makes it so much easier if she isn’t here, I also strongly feel that she’s my priority overall and so of course I want her home too. It’s tricky. I have always had a hard time asking or getting help because I want to do it all but I know that only leads to stress and unrealistic realities. As moms, we wear so many hats and play multiple roles in a 24 hour period – it’s incredible! It’s also very exhausting and I know that every mom is constantly struggling to find the perfect balance if there is such a thing for us.

Speaking of work, it’s going great! I feel so lucky and seriously blessed to be able to work from home because it has always been a goal so when it came true our number one priority has still been the kids because my hours are part time making it possible to work in the evenings when Andy gets home or put them in on the weekend to make the week load lighter. As long as the work gets put it the flexibility of “when” is up to me, but more on working from home details on another post.

I’m home with Isabella anyway, so it definitely makes sense to have Penelope back home with us too and it gives them both the opportunity to play and fight together all day long ha ha! I have to add that we also weren’t in love with the preschool Penelope was attending plus they raised the tuition fee this month and we also heard that the place might be selling which made our decision to pull her out much easier. Penelope started preschool last March in San Diego and overall her experience of preschool has been a good one but as soon as all those factors came to play and having her seriously cry every morning the last couple of weeks begging us to let her stay home because she didn’t want to go made it really hard to write that check every month.

Penelope will attend Preschool in the Fall, but for now she’ll be home the rest of the year with us and I feel really good about the decision. I have devoted myself 100% to this mom gig and it feels like such an honor to be able to stay home with my babies so I am going to try my hardest and soak up these last couple years I have left with my little ones at home because as we know they grow up way too fast and before we know it they are in school full time until they are 18 and then some. It makes me a little emotional thinking that I only have a couple more years with them as just mine at home while at the same time knowing that this isn’t how everyone feels about it and that’s ok. I can totally see how people run from this as soon as their maternity leave ends because picking up messes, changing diapers, not speaking to a real adult (besides your husband) for days to just name a very few can be too much, and I know that not all moms get the choice so I definitely don’t take this for granted. I can also see how there are full time stay at home moms who homeschool their little ones and are completely devoted to this mom gig and that’s all they have ever wanted.  I’m kind of in the middle because I would never want to homeschool past preschool age because I think it’s so important to blossom outside the nest too and to have friends and have the opportunity to develop and sharpen social skills (for mom too lol) and I eventually want my work hours to increase because I want to help provide financially for the girls as well. Both my girls are really social so I know they thrive in environments where there are people and one day school will be perfect for them and I look forward to that for all of us.

It is definitely so different being in a small town in the cold PNW but I am trying my best to make it work for us all. I miss San Diego for many reason especially because it is so family/kid friendly due to the climate and we used to live so close to everything in the city which made it so easy to be out and about. We were always out with endless things at our finger tips like the really incredible Children’s Museum downtown, the famous San Diego Zoo, beaches, playgrounds and playgroups and not to name all the tourist attractions with all you ever wanted. Ok just thinking about it does make me a little sad but I am so happy that I have so many wonderful memories there as a new mom because I definitely took advantage of all our amenities and it get me excited to make the most out of what we have here. I’ve met a few really cool mom friends with kids around my girls ages so that’s been awesome. This town is very family friendly too – everywhere you look there are kids!

Speaking of school, I have decided I am going to run “preschool” at home because it will make our days run smoother and it will be fun for both girls and though Isabella is much younger she will love participating. Izzy is coming up on 18 months so this will be perfect for her! Penelope talks about preschool all the time and even asks if we can play preschool at home so this will be so good for her too!

I am going to run it with a schedule and everything. We will have different sensory stations, circle time, snack time, music, dance, yoga, art, playtime, nap for Isabella, show and tell and even field trips. I am working on making a little schedule and sticking to it so that Penelope and Isabella will have some consistency and it will hold me accountable too. It will be 2 days a week because I also want other days to do other stuff such as visit the Portland’s Children’s Museum and Wonder Works Children’s Museum of  The Gorge which we have memberships to and are both so awesome!

I usually have at least one playdate planned a week and one “free” day that can be our lazy don’t do anything day. So I feel that between all this the girls will be busy enough and hopefully by next Fall we’ll find a more ideal preschool that she will be excited about. I’m excited to get this going! First day will be tomorrow, so here we go! (Images below are from the children’s museums)



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