Why do we Travel?

EVEN IF IT’S JUST A DAY TRIP, why do we travel? Gosh, for me there are so many reasons! I would have to say though that I TRAVEL simply to recharge, unplug and get inspired. Over the weekend we took a quick trip out to the desert. It’s finally cool enough in SoCal that we can actually hangout in the desert and not suffer from heat stroke.

The desert is one of my favorite places. Coexists on the same level as my love for the ocean and mountains, in the middle to be exact! They are each independently perfect in my eyes. The desert brings me so much clarity. It’s seriously medicinal and you forget how crowded your head can feel or how exhausted your body feels from trying to be super mommy and wife all week or whatever your life demands of you. It’s so nice to disconnect and explore a familiar location and seek new hot spots like this one above. This place is called Fonts Point and is located in Anza Borrego State Park. This place is gorgeous beyond words so there really isn’t any point trying to describe it, so I won’t even try, but trust me!

You would never know it’s there from the tiny sign off the highway and even after driving the four miles on a dirt road that feels more like driving in sand (you definitely need 4-wheel drive). You are basically off-loading so bring the right vehicle or plan on getting stuck.

Once we arrived after what seemed like forever, to our surprise we were greeted by a full parking lot with other off road vehicles and wide eyed hikers. Ha! We definitely laughed to ourselves, especially me, super worry wort momma over here thinking all sorts of crazy thoughts like what if we get stuck with no one around to help and what if we don’t get there on time and we miss the sunset and what if the baby is super late for her bedtime, but we were fine and we got there on time and it was totally worth it!

I travel because it makes me feel alive and because it’s my happy spot. Even if it’s simply for the day. You return completely inspired and ready to take on whatever tasked are put your way. I also need to add that both my husband and I hope to plant the seed of travel and curiosity and passion for life in our children. To me, that is everything.


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