Stay True To Yourself

I WOKE UP FEELING STOKED. There are some mornings where I wake up feeling so energized and I’m not quite sure where it comes from. Even if I had a horrible sleep – thanks to my baby – but I find that sometimes it doesn’t matter because there are way more amazing things in my life than a full night sleep without interruptions. I sit here as I journal my thoughts and I think to my self where do I get this optimism? Where do I get this passion to do good and to be positive? Most importantly I ask, where do I get my inspiration?

Inspiration is so important to me. I can reflect on my would be answers but the main one that keeps popping up is just be you and be happy with that. Don’t try and be anybody else. Don’t try and be someones shadow, be your own self! Whenever I think about that, I am reminded that whenever I don’t feel good about myself it’s because I’m trying to be something or someone I am not. I am trying to put these unrealistic high standards or labels on myself and I am not those things. I have found that staying true to who I am and just being myself is when I feel the most beautiful, the most inspired, the most confident and the most me. I want to make my own path simply as a human being. I am more than just a wife and a mother, a friend, a daughter, sister etc.

I am so excited to see where this little life takes me. I have so many inspirations and goals but sometimes I feel so lost and need direction. I have to remind myself to just be and let life do it’s thing. I also don’t want to just watch life pass me by while I just sit and be. Does that make sense? Ha! So far it’s been a journey full of adventure and I thank my lucky stars each and everyday for this gift. For this extraordinary life. Even if it’s just my perspective and my opinion. I love this. I love waking up feeling good and feeling the love and inspiration in my life. It reminds me that I am in control.

So this brings me to reflect on this little blog and the fact that I haven’t made the time to write all summer! It’s crazy how this happens. It’s been an awesome summer too. With anything, it’s about time management and prioritizing and if this is something that I enjoy doing, I must keep it going. That’s what this little space is all about. I want to celebrate everyday and I want to help inspire. I am inspired by so many places, things and most importantly people! There is this whole community of bloggers that I have found and I feels so exciting to be part of their journey. It keeps this inspiration that I am talking about alive. I have to be true to myself and blogging is something I really like to do for myself. So here I go! Prioritizing. Cheers!


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