My Little Family Is Everything

KEEP YOUR FACE ALWAYS TOWARDS THE SUNSHINE AND SHADOWS WILL FALL BEHIND YOU. I came across this quote today and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I love this so much because it is sooooo true. I am a true believer of spreading joy and celebrating everyday and turning your back on negativity. I am more passionate than ever now that I am a mommy and have my own little family about spreading the love and light and all things good in this world, because I want a world where Penelope can feel inspired and motivated and most importantly loved. I know first hand the struggles and challenges this little life brings and I have endured my fair share of stress and dysfunctional chaos that for me it is now a mission to keep my chin up and look towards the


I want to surround us with those that life us up and not down and with those that bring out the best in us and not the stress in us. And sometimes that means saying goodbye to some. I have felt so supported and blessed since I have become a mommy while at the same time so alone and abandoned by those I imagined would be there for me. Life is wonderful because it offers perspective over time. And over time that perspective changes and so does the world around you so the tricky part is having your feelings catch up and making sense of it all. People come and go and enter our lives when they please and sometimes that’s absolutely ok and other times it reminds you of who to value and who to let go.

Parenthood has taught me so much in such a short period of time with regards to valuing life and our time on this planet. It has made my feelings about everything so much more meaningful. I want to savor it, every single second.

I want to be a person I like, the mother my daughter looks up to and the wife my husband is thankful for. I want to be the friend you can count on and the family member you can depend on. Nothing else fuels me more than striving to be a good person with a positive view on LIFE. While at the same time surrounding myself with mutualistic relationships to help me along the way. Sometimes I fear that I am holding the torch for others but nobody is holding it for me. These are my wishes, my dreams and my worries.

My little family means the world to me and fills my heart with so much hope. So I send cheers to a bright summer full of love, adventures, POSITIVE vibes and healthy relationships!


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