Man Crush Monday #MyHusband

I HAVE THE BIGGEST CRUSH RIGHT NOW. My husband. I have so much LOVE for him. The fact that he is an amazing father and made me a mommy (something I have wanted for a very long time) only magnifies my love for him. It has brought us even closer than I ever imagined. Every single day, I am reminded of what I have and I am grateful. For all the little things and big things and everything in-between.

These images were taken a couple weeks ago on a rainy afternoon day. Daddy had just gotten home from work and baby was in need of some snuggle time with him. She had received her second round of vaccines that morning at her four month checkup (hence the bandaids). She is such a daddy’s girl. I love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love how she stares at him. His mini me 🙂

These two make me so happy. I count my blessings everyday…


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