My Best Friends

I COULDN’T ASK FOR a better set of best friends. My daughter and my husband are the most loving and loyal parts of my life. They make this life pretty amazing and I have to stop and pinch myself because I always imagined a life this amazing with people that I loved but was afraid it didn’t exist. My cheeks hurt on a daily basis from smiling so much when I’m around these two. No, life isn’t perfect and I think because I know first hand how bad it can suck (looking back at my own childhood for example), I can truly appreciate this.

I strive to live a peaceful and beautiful life because I remember once living a life that was quite the opposite of that. As soon as I turned 18, moved out of my parents and went off to collage, MY life began. I want to teach my daughter that she can have a life of happiness and joy if she dreams it. I want her to know that life is all about choices. We choose our own paint brushes and we are the ones that paint our own canvas.

Yes, there will be a lot of factors that she wont be able to control, but I want her to know the definition of resilience and store it in her tool box so that if she ever needs it, she knows how to use it. I want my daughter to have a better childhood than I ever did. I want my daughter to look up to her father as an example of what true love is. I wish for her a loving and wonderful caring husband like her mommy has.

I want my daughter to dream big and reach for the stars as corny as that sounds, because I know that she is going to fill this world with so much love and positive energy and deserves the stars to align just right for her. I want my daughter to steer away from dysfunction and have high standards and to know better and want better for her life. I am so excited to watch her grow and to water her with love and a beautiful life every single day as best as I can. It motivates me so much to know that I can make a difference in this child. To know that what I teach her now, will affect the way that she views the world later.

I love her so much and want nothing but love and happiness to follow her little life.

And I thank her daddy, for being my rock, my safe haven, my roots in this journey and for making my life so wonderful and therefore her life too. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There is a lot of pain and dysfunction on this planet, but it doesn’t mean we have to participate in it. If we find ourselves some how involved, we need to be strong enough to walk away from it and not let people, places or things in our life that are not good.

I want to teach my daughter that nor matter how bad life gets, she needs to put on her rose-tinted glasses, because life is too darn beautiful underneath it all not to see it.


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