A Peek Into The Nursery

I ALWAYS IMAGINED I WOULD HAVE a white nursery. Something earthy, warm and bright. But before I knew it, this nursery I first imagined is now pink and filled with all the colors of the rainbow. How did that happen?!

Let’s start with the pink walls. It was never my intention but the family that moved out of our house had a 7 week old baby girl and therefore had painted the walls pink. They asked if they could leave the room pink, but also added that if I didn’t like the color they most definitely would paint over it. Hmmmm I thought. Pink? Sure. Why not! But then what about all my pinterest pins of white nurseries? I guess Penelope can enjoy it until she has to share a room with her sibling and then we’ll paint the room white 🙂 The rest of the house is light, bright and earthy shades, so you know what, her room can be the splash of color we’ve been missing.

The burlap P with the lace hanging on her wall was a handmade present from Jana my husbands cousin. So sweet. I absolutely love it and the way it hangs in the nursery.

The carved wood toys on the book shelf along with the rainbow wind chimes hanging on the window, were my husbands when he was a baby! How cool is that? Thank you abuelita Penny for saving these treasures daddy can now pass onto his kids.

The handmade prayer flags were a baby shower gift from dearest friends back home. I love reading them and know that Penelope will also enjoy them one day when she is old enough to read and understand these beautiful and thoughtful prayers that were written just for her.

Most of her clothes hanging in the closet already were baby shower gifts but mainly from auntie Emily. Thanks for the hand-me-downs! Glad you had a girl first!

There are so many little details in her room that mean a lot to me, from the collection of our favorite childhood books, to the piece of art of the Virgin Mary holding baby that we brought back from St. Peter’s Basilica on our visit to Rome (we’ve been praying for this baby for a long time). And the pretty Be Your Beautiful Self sign that was handmade by my dear friend Holly. Thank you! I love it and really brightens up her room. To the awesome hand-me-downs from Max and his family such as the diaper genie and diaper changing pad, just to name a couple.

Now we just need the baby…


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