She’s Almost Here!

WELL HELLO THERE, IT’S BEEN a while eh? I’ve missed you blog! Sorry I’ve neglected you. Where has the time gone? Where do I even begin? Well first off, I have to say I’ve really missed journaling. I’ve missed putting my thoughts on this blog. But life has been too busy and I haven’t allowed myself to sit down and write. Keeping this digital diary is such a great way to keep track of my life through my thoughts, feelings and images and remind myself of the important and not so important events in my life. So here I am again. Perfect timing too, or should I say now that I’m not working I have more time and guess what? We are due with our first born in 4 weeks! I can’t believe it! 4 weeks!! I seriously won’t believe it until she is in my arms.

I’m so excited to meet her. I want to feel her and hold her and kiss her and look into her eyes. And have her look into our eyes and meet her mommy and daddy for the first time. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Especially because I love her daddy with all my heart, he’s been my best friend and the best husband I could have ever imagined and I know he’ll be the best daddy. She is the symbol of our love. We wished for her and now she exist. What does she look like? A little of daddy and mommy but like what? Simply exciting and we are so overwhelmed with JOY.

It’s bitter sweet because the pregnancy is coming to an end and now I’m going to have to share her! Ha ha…I’m going to miss all her little kicks and jabs and rolls and lately hiccups. Her hiccups! Oh my it’s so cute. She makes my belly go in and out. It feels like a pulse. Such an amazing experience. I love her so much. She’s my little buddy and has been for the last 8 months. I remember her first flutters at 17 weeks and the first time daddy felt her at 19 weeks. I remember the very first time we heard her heartbeat and now we are closer than ever to meeting her.

Besides my first trimester, I’ve been blessed with a really good pregnancy. I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant and have been making the best of it and trying to have a great time. It truly is a blessing and such a gift. It has also made me realize how empowering it is to be a woman. I mean we can make and grow a life inside of us! That’s amazing!! I feel so special. Ah I’m in LOVE with this whole pregnancy process. I knew I would too…hee heeee. Ok anyways, as you can tell I am a little obsessed and over joyed but hey, that’s how it should be! Keep you posted… Cheers 🙂


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