It’s A Girl! And Her Name Is Penelope

ONE THING IS FOR SURE. We are having fun with every moment of this wonderful journey called pregnancy. When it’s something you’ve wanted for a long time, and it finally comes true, every day is a miracle, a joy and a true blessing.

It’s a girl! And her name is Penelope. Middle name yet to come. Why Penelope? Well, not only is it an endearing name that we both really loved right away, but my mother-n-law has gone by Penny ever since she was young due to her strawberry blonde “penny” colored hair. Cute huh? So we played off of that, and came up with Penelope. In LOVE!

How did we find out? It was so much fun and exciting! We did the gender reveal cake cutting! What is it you ask? Well, I first heard of it from a friend and just had to do it. A few days prior, our midwife (Mimi…more on her later) was able to see the gender at our ultrasound. We brought an envelope where she sealed shut a little note holding the answer to the pending and exciting question, “boy or girl”. We of course did not look or know what was sealed in the envelope. We then found a bakery (thanks to the ladies from my prenatal yoga class that highly recommended it) who baked us a delicious chocolate cake, filled with either pink or blue mousse inside.

Everyone in my family was betting it was going to be a boy! We did the spoon throw, the necklace thing and you name it, boy. So in a way, therefore I thought, girl. Going against the odds I guess. And guess what?! I was right! In front of my parents and siblings, my husband and I cut the cake to find it held pink mousse inside. My husband was very surprised! He was convinced it was a boy. I guess we in a way both thought boy. We both wanted a big brother first, but now we will get a loving and nurturing big sister (aka babysitter…LOL). To lead the pack! It was such a wonderful and special way for us to share in the surprise and JOY together. I will always cherish that day. We are a little over halfway there. And trying to enjoy every day. Cheers:)


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