Healthy Snacks For Mommy and Baby

AFTER YOGA SNACKS! I arrived after walking to and from yoga class with my salty pregnancy craving for tortilla chips. Yes, the ones we have are with sea salt, no cholesterol and are gluten free, but in the end they are still just corn chips. As much as I love chips, I know I can’t have them all the time (and I don’t but they are so good!), especially now that there is another part of me involved. My baby. So instead, carrots and eggplant hummus. Great alternative! I still get the crunchy and to add the salty I added a few more snacks to fulfill the craving. Like what you say? All natural, minimally processed, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives and made in the USA teriyaki turkey jerky! Yummy!

The funny thing is, before being pregnant, I did not eat red meat or pork. One of my first cravings was bacon! Ironic huh? My body is asking for meat, so meat it will have. Of course I am still picky and try my hardest to eat organic or natural minimally processed meat. But anyway, I am not perfect, but all I can do is try right? My health, and the health of my developing baby, are my priorities now. I’ve made a conscious effort to eat healthier since getting pregnant. I’ve always ate “healthy” but now I make sure to put more effort into what that means.

So, I added a few more yummy snacks such as a juicy and delicious organic red vine tomato with olive oil and ground pepper, a handful of varied nuts, including roasted almonds, cashews, and peanuts, roasted seaweed, whole wheat honey pretzels, and sweet dehydrated banana chips. Rinsed down with H20. Hope you enjoy! Cheers:)


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