17 Weeks Pregnant & I think I Feel The Baby!

ALL WEEK I’VE HAD MOMENTS OF OMG IS THAT MY BABY?! Is that the baby letting me know it’s there? I just completed my 17th week today and entered my 18th week of pregnancy. It’s going by so fast, so I am trying to really enjoy every second of it. It’s becoming more real every day. The first trimester for me was rough. I was so sick! Blah. So far this second trimester I am becoming more comfortable with the changes in my body. I have gained 10 pounds from the beginning of pregnancy until now (or last week, so I’m probably a pound heavier by now.) I am trying not to focus on that, but they ask you, as well as they keep track, so it’s definetly something you notice! They say a pound a week is healthy and normal starting your second trimester. I started at 118 and I am now 128 and the number will only get bigger! But again, it’s all for the good and health of myself and the baby. It’s just so interesting to watch my body grow at a weekly rate.

Each week the baby is compared to a different size of vegetable/fruit by all the baby books and magazines, and it’s silly and funny and cute all at the same time. It starts off as a poppy seed, a lemon, an orange and so on. This week we are between an onion and a sweet potato! Good thing it’s a progression and not a you wake up one day and boom your baby is a watermelon and you are 9 months pregnant! That would be hard to swallow.

Anyway! The baby! I have been feeling what I would describe as bubbles in my lower abdomen. It’s hard because it kind of feels like gas, but unlike gas, these bubbles have a thud to them. And it’s quick! Like a pulse. When I think I feel something (always bringing the biggest smile to my face) its gone before I can take it in. But when it happens again, you just have this internal instinct maybe, that it’s your baby. As soon as I entered my 17th week though, I started noticing something different. Especially the last couple of days and this morning. It’s constantly happening, which convinces me it’s our baby. It’s so comforting to know that there is someone really in there. I mean you feel sick and have these amazing ultrasound pictures and you hear the heartbeat, but mentally you almost don’t believe it until you start to feel something and then it becomes more real. It will only get easier to tell in the next couple of weeks with definite kicks and elbow punches (which I hear are really fun when they hit your ribs! LOL).

Awwww I’m in LOVE.


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