Feliz Dia De Las Madres

TODAY WAS A VERY LOVELY DAY. I awoke to my sweet, sweet husband making me breakfast. My favorite (when I’m craving it, which I was), bacon, eggs and pancakes. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. So yummy. Today was a warm and sunny San Diego morning. I crawled out of bed, first saying good morning to my little miracle growing inside me with my usual belly rub routine consisting of kisses blown in the air towards my baby. In a few more weeks the baby will hear my kisses, how exciting! And a few more months they’ll be able to feel my kisses, can’t wait! Followed by a good morning and kisses to the man of the house, my main squeeze! Can’t forget about him:)

We ate breakfast in our back patio in the warm morning sunshine admiring the blue skies above us. Sometimes life is soooooo good, I just want to pinch myself, but lately I just want to cry (pregnancy hormones I guess) from all the joy in my life. Especially because there are parts of my life that bring me stress, worries and sadness, so when I step back from that, I am very appreciative to the joy my relationship with my husband brings. I am thankful for an amazing husband, a peaceful home filled with LOVE and the new little family we are growing.

It’s lovely to have a day where we celebrate the wonderful mothers in our lives, and today being Mother’s Day, we do just that. Without them, we wouldn’t be here…literally! I feel lucky to have a loving and amazing mama to celebrate today. I know many don’t, so I don’t take it for granted. I am thankful to god for providing me such a mother like mine, and thankful to my mother for always doing nothing but the best when it comes to her job as mama. Though my mom is in Mexico, and I can’t see her whenever I want, thank goodness for phones. I was able to call her today and hear her loving voice and speak with her for a while 🙂 I am also thankful to be given the blessing and gift to be a mommy too. Though my baby is tiny and in my belly and I haven’t met them yet, they’ve already put me through a lot! Ha Ha. I look forward to the real deal.

On that note, Happy Mother’s Day to all those mommies and mommies to be! Cheers:)


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