Food Cravings and Summer Tasty Ideas

I AM DEFINITELY HUNGRY ALL THE TIME now that I am preggo. They say to eat 300 more calories a day, which was surprising because I always imagined you had to eat a lot more. The equivalent of a P&J sandwich and a glass of milk. Perfect. Easy! Piece of cake! I love FOOD, so now that I am feeling better, I want to EAT, EAT, EAT. Healthy of course;)

I was so sick during my first trimester, I got myself into the routine of eating 6-7 small meals a day instead of the average 3 (breakfast, lunch, dinner). To keep my glucose levels even. I’ve made a conscious effort to eat more protein (been craving it too in the form of meat), fiber, iron and complex carbs (especially whole wheat bread, crackers etc.) and more fruit and veggies. I’ve always thought I was a healthy eater, but now that the baby is involved I am making even more of an effort.

It’s hard though. It’s good to be realistic too and realize that sometimes you just want cheesy pizza and ice cream for dinner, and well simply, I think that’s ok.

Anywho! I am getting so excited for summer and picnics and BBQ’s. Yummy! One of my favorite blogs in the whole wide world A Beautiful Mess recently featured 25 Summer Get-Together Food and Drink Ideas. And of course I just had to share. I know they are not the healthiest, but delicious. Images above are credit to their blog. Avocado salad anyone? How about corn on the cob? Different flavors of fresh lemonade and or the best s’mores? Yes please! Check out their blog and click on their links for specific recipes. Enjoy! 🙂


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