I’m back! And We’re Having a Baby!

HOLY MOLY! SO MUCH has happened in the last couple months. One of our biggest wishes finally came true. We are pregnant with our first baby! I have been MIA because I have been so sick. Unfortunately the great news came with an unpleasant surprise(s). Every pregnancy symptom in the book. Yep. It’s been rough to say the least! The nausea was so bad that reading or typing (especially computer screens) would make me vomit before I could blink. I am finally feeling better (with some thanks to the nausea meds I finally asked for). Not ALL better, but better and I’ll take that!

We are 12 weeks. I can’t believe we’ve been pregnant since mid January! For being so sick during the first trimester, it’s all moving too fast. 28 weeks to go! My husband and I are beyond excited and thrilled by this little miracle. It took us a while, but good things come to those who wait right? I am very excited to watch my little family grow. It’s a dream come true!

I feel so blessed, and so much love right now. Life couldn’t be any sweeter or perfect! Cheers:)


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