Get Out and Get Some Fresh Air

I’VE BEEN FEELING VERY CRUMMY THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS. I feel like my body is fighting something, but I’m so thankful it hasn’t developed into a cold or worst, the flu. That would suck. I am a very bad patient. I lOVE taking care of people, but I am not so good at taking care of myself.

This morning though as I was lying on the couch feeling like a sloth, I forced myself to get up and out. Beach runs are always so reviving and yummy for my mind, body and soul. Today is a gorgeous sunny blue skies type of San Diego day, so I headed to Mission Beach. It was perfect. Still feeling weak and sickly, I was thankfully able to escape from that and dive right into a bath of Vitamin D and endorphines.

As I ran, I couldn’t help but be distracted by the beautiful waves crashing in and the surfers out in the water. I was wishing I had brought my board instead and had the guts, strengths and motivation to paddle out, but there was no freaking way. So instead, I finished my run and soon after found my way over to gentle yoga 🙂 I allowed myself to melt away into deep breathes and light stretches. I just about fell asleep it was so delicious.

Feeling sick is not fun, but I reminded myself today that if you’re going to feel sick anyway, might as well go feel sick outside in the bright and sunny skies doing something that makes you SMILE instead of the comfy but depressing couch. Cheers 🙂


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