Beauty After a Storm

LAST NIGHT WE HAD A STORM drop by and pay us a visit. With it, it brought wind, rain and even heavy hail. The storm was short lived, but loud! As we snuggled in bed late last night making plans for the weekend ahead, we heard the once familiar sounds (we’re originally from Washington State) beating at our roof and windows.

This morning, it was so stunningly gorgeous out that before I did laundry, dishes and picked up around the house. I took a solo walk around my neighborhood to enjoy the quiet and beauty of the morning. The palm trees had crazy hair day going on for sure (thanks to the storm), but still looked beautiful against the bright blue skies.

I love the smell after a good rain and the clarity that comes with. On my walk back home, I noticed this pretty blossom tree filled with doves! Right then and there I thanked myself for allowing beauty into my life and into this very moment. I thought I would share:) Now back to house work! Cheers.


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