I’m Digging These Zingy Pastels

I LOVE earthy colors. If you were to take a walk around my house you would find lots of whites, creams, wood, plants, shells, and overall natural tones, but you would also spot a splash of color! I am Mexican after all 🙂

I came across The Design Files Daily and fell in LOVE. Images are credit to Brooke Holm. This blog is my newest obsession. Make sure to check it out! I love home decor and interior design, do I know anything about it? Um not really, I just know that I am very visual and I love making spaces FEEL good. I love being able to walk into a room and feel comforted and happy simply because of the way the furniture is placed, and how the colors are used. Texture and tones can make a big difference for me, as well as the overall design and layout of the rooms. Our place now is tiny. It doesn’t really work, but I try! Ok so maybe I do know a little something about it?

These zingy bright pastels are getting me ready for Spring. I hope you are inspired and enjoy them as much as I have. CHEERS!


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