Need a Pair of Glasses? Meet Warby Parker, I did And I Approve. Buy one, Give One…

BUY A PAIR GIVE A PAIR. Sound familiar? Many of you know I am a FAN of the DO GOOD business motto. I am constantly discovering new businesses that are donating and or giving a portion and or percentage of their product or earnings to a community or population in need. I’m working on mine! Now, how do we know these companies are legit and are really doing what they say they are doing? Well, there is really no way to know unless you research, research, research and dig a little deeper into the company (I recommend this). You want to see transparency and evidence.

We live in a capitalist society here in America where we spend money in exchange for goods. America is the greatest example of this. We as Americans will always buy “stuff”, if you live in our society, this is a fact. Yes, even me and all my hippie friends that reuse and recycle and try not to buy useless “stuff”. So, it works. We can afford to BUY, therefore we can afford to GIVE, and we should. I applaud the businesses that do this.

That’s the Warby Parker message. Straight and simple. DO GOOD.

Warby Parker is touring the nation (from NEW YORK) in a bright yellow school bus, bringing glasses wherever they go! I was eager to find out what they were all about, so I had to check them out. I met one of their employees, Phineas who was very nice to let me talk his ear off and still kind enough to help recommend and find me a pair of glasses. He was able to give me a little run down of what they are all about. I’ve been needing a new pair, so this was more than perfect timing. Buy a pair, give a pair. PERFECT. So many stylish and fashionable pairs to choose from, but I EVENTUALLY (after being in there for what seemed hours, chatting and trying on just about every pair on the shelf) found myself ones I’ll love! Oh yes, the bus and rest of the staff was pretty cool too:)

They are partnered with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. Check them out and learn more about their company. Join the movement and be part of the progressive society that actually gives a crap about the rest of the world. Cheers:)


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