Home Decor and Travel All in One: I Need Both

I CAME ACROSS THIS IMAGE on the Urban Outfitters website under their Apartments link and it reminded me of some of the things I love the most. HOME & TRAVEL. I feel that this image above symbolizes me right now. I NEED both worlds. Let me explain…

I can be such a home-body sometimes. I absolutely LOVE just hanging out at home with family and friends keeping life pretty simple. I love hosting, I love entertaining and therefore I love home decor. I also love NESTING. Especially lately, it’s been so nice to come home to the person you love and the cute (even though tiny) little casita we live in now and just BE. End the day there, with LOVE. Simple right? The chair above symbolizes that part of me. And then…

There is this other part of me that can’t stay still (I know strange, but this is how I also work). I have to be constantly moving, exploring, traveling and adventuring. Even if it’s near. It doesn’t have to be far or across the globe (though we’ve been thankful to have done that), but lately we’ve really been into mini-road trips around here. We live in a place where you can do that. Get in the car and just go. North you have LA, Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz etc. North East you have the Sierra, desert, Vegas, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree etc. South you have Mexico and of course Baja California. Being so near all these places, it’s hard not to find yourself there over the weekend! Can you tell I really like it here? It’s such an easy place to fall in LOVE with. And that is what the wallpaper in the image above symbolizes to me. Travel.

I think this is the part of me that brings my husband and I closer together. The travel adventure part. He’s not so much into nesting and home decor (well he is but you know it’s not the same), but he is very into outdoor adventure. That’s actually what he is doing right now (while I’m blogging and cleaning the house before I meet up with my mom and we go visit my sis). He took off this morning super bright and early (headed off in the Subaru to meet up with friends for a mt. bike adventure). We both need our outlets for sure, but travel and adventuring always brings us together. Like beans and rice we joke! We’re already planning a few trips for a few weekends from now to Palm Springs to meet up with the in-laws and to Sedona for an adventure weekend with good friends. These are the things in my life that keep me ALIVE. I think many can relate? I just thought I’d share my thoughts 🙂


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