Travel Thursday: More Southwest Adventures

NOW THOSE WERE A TON OF IMAGES from our Southwest trip back in 2007. I am so excited to have finally shared these! It’s no secret I LOVE the desert. Though I’ve gotten to see a great portion over the years there is still so much more to discover and explore! We visited the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, The Wave and Monument Valley to name a few.

The desert is so diverse, we ran into sun, heat, a vulture, heart shaped cactus, desert plants, friends, settler tracks from the late 1800’s, snow, cold temperatures, rain, sand dunes, breath taking waterfalls and even pine cones! Looking back at these images gives me the biggest smile, they also remind me of how much I love my best friend and travel companion who has been there from the beginning. I am stoked to finally have organized my pictures. They keep me reminded of how much I love exploring, and how stunningly beautiful our country is. I look forward to visiting the mid-west, the south and east coast one day! So much to see! Enjoy! 🙂


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