Travel Thursday: Grand Canyon Magic

THE GRAND CANYON is such a magical place! I hope you enjoy my images above and I hope they inspire you to go one day!

My first trip to the GRAND CANYON was back in 2007 as my graduation present from college. My boyfriend (husband now) and I took a road trip to the SW and fell in LOVE! With each other of course, but with the high desert for the first time. My husband had previously been there during his undergrad as part of his geology field camp, but to me it was everything I had imagined it to be and more.

The images above are from our most previous trip there two falls ago. I have such great memories from both of our trips to the Grand Canyon and look forward to returning again soon. This previous time we went with another awesome couple that we’ve been friends with for years (who are now engaged! yay!) who were just as eager to get their hiking, camping and exploring on.

We started hiking later than we had hoped for on the first day, so we ended up running out of day light! You know what they say, it’s not an adventure until you’re out of your comfort zone! It was a little scary because it gets very dark on the trails, especially towards the bottom, and the trail eventually disappears into a stream so I guess you loose it anyway. Thank goodness for head lamps and for my husband and Ben (who is a Mt. Guide for a living) for keeping their cool and leading the way. (Check out Ben’s company Southwest Climbing, he’s amazing)!

We decided to hike to the bottom (this time in one day, unlike the first trip where we camped half way down and took two days to get to the bottom) and camp by the river. Right next to Hermit Rapid! It was so loud, oh my goodness I had a horrible night sleep! Only because I’m a worry wort and kept imagining the river swallowing us up whole as we slept. But of course that didn’t happen, we survived:) And in the morning it was the prettiest warm desert sunlight landscapes you only dream of or see in pictures. Such a treat. The rapids seemed calmer as well. We ate some yummy breakfast and did some light yoga (stretches) and then continued our way back. We broke up the return uphill with another night stay about half way up. Talk about a workout! I’m not sure which way is easier on the knees…hmmmm…neither? I still love it though and look forward to a return!


2 thoughts on “Travel Thursday: Grand Canyon Magic

    1. Thank you! I also can’t want to visit the Grand Canyon for the third time as well. My husband wants to do the rim-to-rim (me too I think?). Such a stunning place. So massive and sooo much hiking and exploring to do. Thanks for the visit!

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