Going Home To Roost Is My Newest Obsession

A GIRL CAN DREAM RIGHT? Well I am dreaming! I came across Going Home To Roost and fell in love with her home! I mean seriously can it be any more perfect? I live in California, so her little vine covered cottage sent me on an obsession for a bright, sunny, relaxing and beautiful place of our own. One day, si dios quierre, like my parents always say. Our place now is a little Spanish-style cottage and yes, it has lots of character, BUT it’s so tiny and there is hardly any light (unlike our previous beach house last year:( ). I love bright and light. The extra space wouldn’t hurt either, actually it would be great we need it!

I am so ready to move out of our place, I’m getting excited! The whole purpose of moving out of our previous home was to save money. Have we? Hmmmm not sure, kind of. We are hoping to move out in June. Ideally we would love to buy, but we live in Southern California and um well real estate is so expensive here. Hopefully one day. Anyway, I love home decor and for now will just pin away ideas for when that day comes! We can keep dreaming right? Absolutely. I hope you enjoy this beautiful home I’ve shared above! Have a wonderful Sunday.


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