Home Decor Thanks to Nala Design

I CAME ACROSS NALA DESIGNS and had to share! Thanks to decore8 for originally sharing their images and link. I have a white coach at home very similar to the one pictured above and I love pillows, so when I came across Nala designs I instantly fell in love and had to see what they were all about. I am into the natural colors when it comes to home decor. Browns, whites and greens. Wood, cotton and plants. But I have to have my splash of color! I am Mexican after all…LOL

Nala Designs is nothing short of colorful, unique and ageless. They provide products that range from pretty and fun stationary, accessories and home ware. Right up my alley. I love bright notecards and pillows! They brighten up just about anybody’s day. I am all about making our living spaces a bit more colorful and if you share in the same philosophy then you should take your mouse and click on over and check them out! Enjoy 🙂


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