Fashion Friday With Sseko Designs

FASHION WITH A HEART! Where do I even begin? Those who know me know that I LOVE products that give back. I am all about it. I dream of starting my own line one day (in the works..the dream that is).

Though I have become a little more careful about really doing my research on companies promoting their product as a way to give back. You never know these days, it almost seems that many are jumping on the bandwagon because it’s the cool thing to do. Unlike those companies, there are amazing businesses like TOMS and more recently Sseko Designs that not only show us numbers, but pictures, videos and stories of how they are making real differences through their product in the lives of actual people.

It’s beautiful. It’s empowering. It’s such an amazing thing to do. Why not? If you are going to buy a product, why not something unique and handmade that gives back to an underprivileged population. So, I wanted to tell you about Liz (pretty cool name, must be a pretty cool gal;) and her project Sseko Designs. Check them out and get yourself a pair or two. I know I am!


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