Travel Thursday: Head to The Southwest

IF YOU’RE NEEDING SOME SUNSHINE AND ADVENTURE…head to the Southwest. You can’t go wrong. There is so much to explore. The landscapes are stunning and diverse. If you are anything like me and enjoy the desert, then you’ll be in heaven. You can find anything from free camping in Anza Borrego Desert to swanky hotels in Palm Springs and of course everything in-between.

I love the sound of coyotes howling in the early mornings. I used to be scared but the more you hear them you realized they’re just doing their thing and are at no threat to you. The last few times we’ve been out in the desert, we’ve had the luck of seeing a few coyotes roaming around. Very neat. We also saw a taranchula crossing the road, it was as big as my hand, that was also neat, but less enjoyable! And of course rattle snakes, can’t forget those. Yes they’re out there. Fun huh? Don’t worry though! It’s all part of the beauty. The coyotes mind their own business, the tarachulas don’t bite unless they feel threatened so just leave them alone and snakes, well they’re not really out and about in the winter so just watch out for them in the summer time (it’s too hot to be out and about the desert in the summer anyway). Best time to go, is now 🙂

I would have to say that one of my favorite things about the desert is how quiet it can be. Absolutely silent. I love that. The oranges, pinks and reds which cover many of the desert landscapes and skies help to add to the tranquil, quiet and peaceful atmosphere. It’s a delicate warm wonderland. Enjoy!


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