Smile and Laugh Often

WHAT A MONDAY! Back to work (thank goodness pre-school was easy and fun) but the running around getting errands done was not so much. Straight after work I went to Costco and Pancho Villa for groceries. I was reminded that it’s not one of my favorite things to do. I love to eat, but I really don’t enjoy hunting/gathering or preparing my food (I know I’m a horrible person). So grocery shopping is often painful for me. It doesn’t help that I make it worse for myself and go when I’m hungry. That’s never a good idea…I end up getting food for the month instead of the week! That’s usually why we go together or the grocery shopping is done by the chef of the home also known as my dear husband.

Then there was Laundry (2 loads), it should have been 3 or 4 but I jammed them in! Who has time to do so much laundry?! HA, HA. That’s what happens when we let it pile up after a trip and to make it worse my husband went snowboarding yesterday so he had even stinkier clothes to add to the pile! But I did it. Cleaned the whole house (yes every room), it had definitely been a while. And now I can start my week!

As I finally sit here for the first time all day and think, I realize how tired and stressed I feel. It’s been fun doing this blogging because I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I want to post at least once a day, but I’ve found that it’s very challenging. There isn’t time! Maybe I need to make the time. Anyway, it’s been fun and it allows me to stop and “think” about everything that makes me SMILE. It also allows me to keep a journal that I know I will look back on and think omg I shared that? That was so stupid or lame and silly, or hopefully cool and interesting. HA HA. We’ll see.

But today I am reminded that although days can fly by and at times can be long and or filled with tedious stuff, we can’t forget to smile and laugh often, as well as breathe and be still. As I remind myself of this. I take a few breathes and think of something funny and I feel a million times better. It does lighten the load. I promise! Cheers to Monday and to a great week!

Good night.



4 thoughts on “Smile and Laugh Often

  1. Love this. The part about the laundry reminded me that my laundry machine broke the other day and I have NO IDEA what is wrong with it. The water didn’t drain! I ended up wringing out all of the clothes in it, and then emptying it using a pitcher, two beer cups and a bucket…hopefully the landlord fixes it today…

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