Esta Vida Mia: This Little Life of Mine

IT’S BECOMING MORE AND MORE CLEAR TO ME… that HAPPINESS is more than just a choice. It’s a LIFESTYLE. Geeeee! I don’t even know where to begin. It’s also becoming more and more clear to me my purpose here in life (I know I’m getting kinda deep here…stay with me though). I love spreading JOY and HAPPINESS to others. That’s it right there in a nutshell. And the best part of it all is that…I LOVE doing it. So, I’m going to continue to do it! I have a ton of little projects I’m planning that will help me pursue this PASSION of mine. I’m EXCITED!

I don’t really have New Year Resolutions per say, but like always; I have my little list of “things to do”. Here is the short list: Volunteering at Rady Children’s Hospital has been on my list for a while, so that needs to get going soon, enjoy my job at the preschool (it’s pretty sweet), be a loving and supportive sister, friend, daughter, tia and wife, get planning, saving and executing business plan I and II, continue little trips and adventures (they’re good for the soul), make/have babies, run, yoga, climb, surf more regularly, and most importantly keep loving this little life of mine (the good and the bad) and keep spreading JOY and HAPPINESS.

I feel that because I came from a place of hardship, struggles, adversity, and chaos really (my childhood was rough…still kinda is…well it’s because my family is so intense and there are so many of us! ha ha…but we love each other like CRAZY). Anyway, I think it’s that whole you know how good life can be because you’ve experienced the opposite and so therefore you know the difference? It’s huge! What a difference! Oh my! We don’t have to live our lives in misery, stress, worry, restrictions, and so on. We don’t! Did you know that?

As soon as you stop trying and just allow yourself to simply BE and allow yourself to walk away from STRESS you cannot control and from PEOPLE that don’t make you feel GOOD, then you are FREEING yourself and giving yourself the CHANCE of a lifetime. TO BE HAPPY. You also have to be ok with the NOW, and with REALITY. Throw away those super crazy high expectations for yourself that will only make others rich and or happy and give yourself the permission to dream big and DREAM just for you (I’ve learned it’s ok to be a little selfish here…just a little).

I guess the more and more time goes on I fall in love with the idea of doing whatever the heck I want. HA HA. I mean nobody is in control of me. Isn’t that a crazy idea? Complete FREEDOM. As much as I am full of insecurities, as I get older though, I’ve realized that it is true, you do get more comfortable in your own skin and you start to care less about what others think of you. I think for me moving to San Diego (my dream home) four years ago and marrying my best friend (three years this March…crazy!), I have felt invincible. It’s amazing what love can do to a girl…LOL…

I promise myself that I’m not going to become anyone that keeps me from living the life I truly want to live. A simple life (with splashes of color of course). You know why? Because I’m already ME….LIZ and I only get one of these (life that is) so I am who I am, and I am doing what I am going to do. And that’s to LIVE MY LIFE. This little life of mine, I’m ganna let it shine. And that’s pretty sweet. Cheers!


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