Best Pho in Town to Heal Just About Anything

WHAT A GREAT START TO THE NEW YEAR…STOMACH FLU! Yay. Awesome. Not Really. New Years eve was such a disappointment. Original plan: House party over at Chris and Holly’s. Perfect. Not too far from home, days of planning and then within hours, we are both ill. Plan goes out the window. Not just my head hurts and I have a stomach ache ill, but a get me to the bathroom fast and I don’t want to leave my bed in two days ill. Yeah, not fun. Well, what can ya do?! Nothing. Just wait it out. And like my hubby said, at least we were in it together. Sweet.

Once we were able to have food by the next day, skip traditional chicken noodle, we needed something stronger. CHICKEN PHO. Now I wish I had this amazing recipe that I could share and or say that I made us some amazing pho (remember I am not the cook and poor husband he was even sicker than me), but we did manage to YELP it. We didn’t just want anybody’s pho, we wanted the best pho in the city (we’d take anything really). What did we find? PHO VAN. If you are a FAN of Vietnamese food like us, then you might understand here. We were in heaven. Hot spicy soup to nourish us back to life, and within a few hours we were feeling a million times better (enough to meet up with friends for a bon fire at the beach, so we were stoked).

We used to live in PORTLAND, OREGON (I know pretty sweet spot) and we actually used to eat at Pho Van on HAWTHORN. Conveniently enough, they have a location down here too! It’s kind of odd though if you visit their website you won’t find the SAN DIEGO location. If you LOVE or even like pho and live here or ever visit either of these spots (Portland or San Diego that is) and have come across this little post of mine (probably not because only my husband reads my post…LOL), but if you do then you must eat at Pho Van. They’re on El Cajon Boulevard here in San Diego. I guess if I want to view this experience as an optimist (which I claim to be) then good thing we got sick because we found the best pho in town, or did we? A few other places got more starts and reviews, but I’ll have to be the judge of that. So far, I have a good starting point.


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