Crowded Head Space Meets Inspirational Board

I NEED AN INSPIRATIONAL BOARD. I have so many ideas floating around in my head right now I can burst! Pinterest has been great for this, but I need something more. Sometimes I feel that if I don’t write them down and or post images of what I’m thinking about somewhere where I can easily access them, I will forget them forever. So maybe they aren’t that important? Ha ha. No, they are important! I just have a little case of the ADHD. I have sticky notes everywhere full of list and ideas. I love making list, mainly because I like checking things off. List help me feel accomplished and productive but I am also very visual and I feel that a board where I can post “stuff” would be ideal.

We have a little one in the kitchen next to the calendar, but that’s mainly for posting grocery list or “to do list” and a few photographs, and then we have another little space by the computer but mainly bills hangout there (that’s not much fun to look at). I need something bigger and tangible! Something where I can post ANYTHING that inspires. The problem is I need more wall space.


I came across the image above and thought that’s it! I need a big sheet of cork board or something and I need a little office. We both do. Need an office that is. Our little casita right now is so tinny tiny, so there is no way we can do this, or is there? I need to be creative with this little space of ours. Last year I had my own little corner for my office with ocean views and it was great. Pretty amazing actually. This year, well it’s a whole other story. 😦

I am one of those people that cannot think or function unless the house is clean, neat and organized with everything in its correct place. My brain can’t start. I need a clean slate. I hate clutter. I like organized clutter though (is that a thing?) Sometimes I wish I was that person that could get inspired by a messy house, but I can’t and I am not.

This week has been crazy busy running around with family from here to there (the holidays I guess), and well my little house has been neglected and as a result is such a mess! I’ve made no time for it. But as the new year approaches (tomorrow night!), it’s a perfect time to not only clean, but to organize my thoughts and “stuff” so that I can hit the road running (sounds like I’ve created a busy day for myself tomorrow). We’re still on winter break this week and we’ll be road tripping in the dessert the next few days, so work needs to get done before we leave.

I have a ton of clippings and notes and pictures all around the house that need a home. Everything from instagram pictures, to magazine cut outs, to business ideas, to a more specific business idea, goals, and well like I mentioned anything that inspires me. An INSPIRATIONAL BOARD will be perfect. I can’t wait to start!


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