Food: Meet Cookie and Kate

FOOD. YUM! If I’m going to blog about things that inspire me on my little lifestyle blog, then I am going to have to include food. I am not the cook in the family. Not at all actually! My husband, he does most if not all the cooking in our home. But that doesn’t mean that I am not a fan of delicious edibles!

It’s fine now, but before I used to be insecure about it and felt guilty or bad that I didn’t cook. It made me feel almost less of a woman (especially because my traditional Mexican mother has always been on my case about not cooking). I’ve realized though that it is ok. I feel more confident in my lack of cooking skills because I know that my husband is not only better at it (practice makes perfect I guess) but he has the patience, interest and truly enjoys it. I might not “cook” but I LOVE to EAT! We are such foodies, well I at least like to think I am.

One thing that I can prepare though are sandwiches! Ok I have a few more up my sleeve, but sandwiches I can do. I did work at Avenue Bread in college after all! HA HA. Sad. Anyway, I came across this yummy recipe for a strawberry, basil and goat cheese panini. Warm and almost jammy strawberries, delicious goat cheese paired with buttery whole wheat, served with honey balsamic dipping sauce! Yum, yum! Where did I find this simple yet tasty recipe? Cookie + Kate, an amazing little food blog that if you are anything like me and LOVE vegetarian food (even though I am not a true veggie, I eat chicken, turkey and seafood) you must check them out. Enjoy!


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