Fashion Friday: Getting Myself Hunter Rain Boots

IT DOES TOO RAIN IN SAN DIEGO! Enough to justify a new pair of boots? Yes. And when it does rain, it pours. The streets flood with the littlest bit of rain fall forming puddles everywhere! We don’t have much to offer when it comes to infiltration. We’re a desert covered in cement, so we’ll have rivers of water gushing down streets, flooding parking lots and highways. What is a gal to do?! Get some RAIN BOOTS of course…

This gal has been wanting a specific pair for the longest time now…yep. The original HUNTER rain boot in glossy BLACK. I know a little pricey and unnecessary (or are they?). Unnecessary that is. I have decided that YES they are necessary and that if I’m going to get a pair of rain boots that I am going to LOVE and wear for the rest of my rainy days, then I have FOUND them! You know how I know? Because I never questioned it. Not only are they comfortable and functional, but they are fashionable.

One pair of great boots and your are set! My mother always said, it’s best to have a few really nice things than a closet jammed packed with “stuff”. I always have taken that to heart. And so a new pair of HUNTER rain boots it is! Bring it on RAIN!


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