Noon Designs: A Few of My Favorite Things!


I remember the first time I stumbled across Noon Designs. It was back when they were located on Santa Monica Avenue in OCEAN BEACH. We had just moved to San Diego back in 2009 and were living in NORTH PARK at the time, but I would visit Ocean Beach often for my routine runs at sunset cliffs. And on one of those visits I found NOON.

I would walk around the little downtown (sweaty and gross from my runs) and do some window shopping as my cooling down session. And there it was, the cutest little shop on Santa Monica all by itself outside of the main shopping strip.

Entering into Noon for me (and still is to this day) is like entering into a candy shop. The prettiest things all around. They do an amazing job setting up the space which I think is one of their biggest strengths. Sometimes it’s all about the design and placement of the product and use of space you know? I totally believe in FENG SHUI. It’s an ancient Chinese practice that encourages living in balance with our natural surroundings in order to bring happiness and success in all areas of one’s life. As soon as you walk into their store, you feel PEACE and TRANQUILITY.

Once I started looking around at these pretty things, I fell even more in love with the fact that they were handcrafted jewelry, paper and goods. You could see the girls working away making their art right in front of you. With the friendliest smiles and proud of their craft, they welcomed their potential clients. Printer press and all, they worked hard and created stunning earrings and paper goods. I instantly became a fan.

FlASH forward a few years and now they moved to a better location in Ocean Beach and have opened a second shop here in San Diego! Once we finally moved to Ocean Beach a year after moving to San Diego, I became a regular. Ironically enough now that we don’t live in Ocean Beach, I now work in Solana Beach right next door to their new shop! Ha! I guess we were just meant to BE. I am a total FAN.

Their work is amazing (great quality, creative and unique). I highly recommend it and wish them all the success in the world! It’s been fun to watch them grow over the years. They recently opened their third shop in Providence Rhode Island. Neat! Anyway, just thought I would share a few of my favorite things. Check them out!


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