LOVE, PEACE and JOY: Around the Globe

MERRY CHRISTMAS! What a wonderful few days it’s been, and now it’s Christmas morning. All month has been in the spirit of preparing for this special day. We’ve been playing x-mas music, started decorating, and celebrating all month long, so it almost feels like we’ve reached the finish line! HA HA. Well we kinda have…Especially last night at midnight mass with heavy eyelids trying our hardest not to fall asleep at the pew. We sang Christmas carols and listened to the priest share a very heartfelt story and talk about his personal struggles as a recovering alcoholic who used to live on the streets. He had so much LOVE to give us, and I couldn’t help but be so HAPPY for him and everything he’s personally accomplished.

I left feeling well very sleepy, but also very THANKFUL and with the feeling of such STRENGTH that we can conquer any struggle in life. That if we are GOOD and steer ourselves towards a LIFE of hard work and good deeds, then life can be so AMAZING. It’s a choice and it’s up to us. I choose an awesome life, a great life and I again can’t express it enough. I am so thankful for the fruits of my labor. I left mass also feeling like I wanted to give every single person a HUDGE hug and just tell them EVERY Little THING is going to be alright.

I love this HOLIDAY for many reason, but one of the main reasons is that I love GIVING. It’s way better then receiving. I know that sounds a little cheesy to say, but it’s so TRUE! Having my family over for dinner last night for yummy tamales and watching them open their gifts gave me the warmest feelings! I couldn’t help but look over at my husband throughout the night thinking about how much I love him and how rad he is for putting up with my big crazy and complicated Mexican family! Anyway, cheers to an awesome holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus and with that enduring LOVE for all! LOVE, PEACE AND JOY to the WORLD!


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