Fashion Friday & Home Decor: Anthropologie





ANTHROPOLOGIE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOPS. They have almost everything you could need for yourself and your home (or want). It’s a little pricy that’s for sure. But compared to a few of my favorite guilty pleasures, it’s slightly better:) I am a simple kind of girl. I am not very fashionable, my style is overall pretty casual. I love to wear jeans and t-shirts, but I also LOVE to throw in a special little something in the mix. The earrings shown above are my favorite! I wear them with just about anything. You can’t go wrong. They dress up a casual outfit without too much work. I am not too big on scarfs, but I’ve realized that you just need a good one or two and you’re set!

Growing up I was a total tomboy, in college I was a total hippie wannabe (or was I just a dirty hippie?). I was a little grungy for sure. But as I’ve gotten older, I ENJOY dressing up. It’s FUN and it makes me feel GOOD. And another thing is for sure…I love dressing up our HOME. One of the best feelings is coming home to a place worth hanging out in (fun home decor can help). Mainly it’s because I get to come home to the best person ever (I really like this guy…is it obvious yet? HA HA). Anyway, I love ANTHROPOLOGY. They do a great job fulfilling my cravings for fashion and home decor (I get my fix that is). I hope you enjoy a few of my FAVORITE things!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday & Home Decor: Anthropologie

  1. I love those earrings too Liz! I must have them 😉 and the pot holders are super adorable! I wish we had an Anth that was closer up here!
    loving your post! xoxo- Kaara

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