Travel Thursday: A Story for Tomorrow (Chile)

WHEN I THINK OF TRAVEL I think of HAPPINESS. I think of FREEDOM and ADVENTURE and I think of the one person that I love sharing my traveling experiences with. The person that gets me excited and motivated to go in the first place. The person that makes me feel secure, safe and prepared. My husband. We’ve been lucky to do a little bit of traveling together the last few years, and I LOVE it. I value that time we share with each other. Even though our current jobs have us locked down M-F, we do have a good chunck of vacation time. We also try our best to get out and TRAVEL even if it’s LOCAL. It’s always fun to at least DREAM and plan the next adventure, or at least have a few places in mind to read and learn about and hopefully visit one of these years. That’s one thing we know for sure, is that we will visit these places. Maybe not all tomorrow, but throughout our lifetime. It’s exciting to blog about places I’ve been or we’ve been but even funner places we dream of visiting. You know, why not?

Where to next?! Hmmmmm…there are a few in mind.

I came across this video a few months back and just had to share it. It’s someone else’s story, their adventure non the less, but watching it reminded me of US. My husband is the BEST friend a girl could ever ask for. He brings so much JOY into my LIFE. He is absolutely AMAZING and makes for the BEST travel companion. I feel LUCKY. I look forward to the day we visit CHILE and PATAGONIA together. I know one thing is for sure, we’re going to have a BLAST.


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