Fashion Friday: Give Me Patagonia Baby!


FASHION FRIDAY! It has been a crazy busy week! I can’t believe it’s already FRIDAY, but at the same time TGIF! I had to do at least one post this week. You know why? Because it’s fun and I like it! That’s why I blog. I love to get my thoughts together and to collect images and or videos that make ME feel happy and I want to share it! Like I’ve said before. If you have GOOD in your life, then SHARE it 🙂

Where did this week go? I recently started working as a preschool teacher at an awesome small non-profit center in SOLANA BEACH so I’ve been getting used to my new work schedule, and of course the adorable little kiddos had to get me sick during my first few weeks. They run around all day with snot running down their sweet faces and smear it not only on everything they touch around the classroom but also on ME! I love getting hugs from them, but please keep your snot to yourself (I don’t think that’s too much to ask from 2-5 year olds? Ok maybe;). Between work Holiday parties for both my hubby and I this week (one tonight) and being sick, I’ve neglected AVENTURAS DE MI DULCE VIDA, but what a great way to end the week then with a FASHION FRIDAY post about one of my favorite companies…

. This company is amazing all around. Their products kick butt, their company philosophy is amazing and conveniently their products meet my lifestyle needs. I also must say that much of their clothing is actually pretty fashionable. Even trendy! 😉 That’s ok though I don’t mind following a trend that stands for so much good.

For example. Patagonia leads in The Common Threads Initiative. Basically they offer a real solution for reducing waste in a capitalist society, which is ironic for a company who sells things to consumers every single day. The amazing thing is, they are so confident in their product and in their passion for protecting the environment that they would rather have you not buy their product if you don’t need it in order to help protect the environment. They pride themselves in making useful gear that last a long time so you don’t have to constantly buy new STUFF. This is what they believe: REDUCE. Don’t buy what you don’t need. REPAIR: Fix stuff that still has life in it. REUSE: Share. Then, only when you’ve exhausted those options, RECYCLE. Pretty RAD eh?!

Cheers to that! Sign the The Common Threads Initiative, watch the video above and if you NEED to shop for gear visit PATAGONIA. They rock!
I’ve shared some of my current favorite items that I own above. Enjoy!


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