Fashion Friday: prAna Clothing Apparel for Yogis, Climbers or Alike

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MY FIRST WAREHOUSE SALE. It was mayhem! Thanks to a lovely girlfriend, I made it to the friends and family prAna Warehouse Sale yesterday and got to treat myself to much needed new workout clothes. And of course x-mas shopping for the hubby! prAna is known for it’s yoga and climbing apparel but also for their casual and outdoor clothing for just about any passion. They are also know for their use of organic cotton, fair trade and wind power initiatives to name a few.

I love companies that stand for more than their physical product. That stand for a positive movement and make an actual difference on our planet. And most importantly, that are TRUE to that. It’s important for me to see transparency in a company that shows what they say they are going to do, and prAna does an excellent job of that. I had heard of the company years ago, and really liked their stuff, but I have to admit, I didn’t own much of it or knew much about them until I met a girlfriend who works for them. Not only does she wear the cutest workout clothes and the best yoga pants, but I love how she truly believes in the product she sales and markets. I’ve made an effort to learn more about the company, especially after the warehouse sale where I was fortunate to stock up on a variety of apparel from all across their different product lines. So far, I LOVE everything I bought. From corduroy pants, to yoga tights, sports bra, shirts, tanks, sweaters etc. and I know the husband will really like his gifts too!

Such perfect timing to share on my little blog for Fashion Friday. So, if you come across this post and see prAna, and wondered about them, just know that they really are as cool as they say they are! Enjoy my personal pictures below!

going crazy
happy shoppers


2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: prAna Clothing Apparel for Yogis, Climbers or Alike

  1. Yes, it was dangerous in there (mainly for the wallet…LOL). People were actually really nice and friendly. I thought I was going to see fights break out! ha ha… anyway, items were selling for as little as $5! I gave myself a limit that I wanted to stick to and I did, but it was hard.

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