Motivational Monday: Do What You Love

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, GOOD and too SHORT, so do what you love! I came across this video and not only did it put a smile on my face, but it reminded me of the one thing that I strive to do every single day, and that is to DO WHAT I LOVE. I love getting lost in happy thoughts. I am such a DREAMER and thank GOD an OPTIMIST. I strive to exude positive energy every single day. It really fires me up. There is nothing like it.

I am so thankful to GOD for giving me the ability to know and recognize that LIFE is so much bigger than today, but at the same time that I must enjoy and live today like it could be my last. I know I’ve heard that saying before, but why the heck not? I mean, ok lets be realistic here, life isn’t always peachy, but just because a day sucks, it doesn’t mean that every second of the day has to as well. Just like when you are mad at your mom or your husband or a friend etc. you might really dislike them in that time frame, but in the bigger picture you still LOVE them. So LIFE might suck sometimes, but you still LOVE it right? Well you still should because it’s the only one you’ll ever get, so you better start loving it or at least liking it! 🙂

Even in the darkest times, there is BEAUTY. I just have to remember this and share this and hope that others choose to view life in a way that only makes the journey easier and well simply put, GOOD. Do what you love, because if you don’t, others will choose it for you!


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