Live The Life You Dream

SO I AM 28 NOW. And it feels great! I don’t know what I ever thought 28 would be like, but I think it’s something like this? So far so good! I woke up on my birthday to my mama y papa’s phone call bright and early my time and a more reasonable morning hour their time (they live in Jalisco, Mexico). My mom always quick and to the point “¡Feliz cumple años mija, te querremos mucho!” and then my dad jumped in to sing me a quick “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…’, and before I had both eyes open it was hasta pronto, I love you and talk soon! Oh how I LOVE my parents.

I find it interesting that I get celebrated on my birthday, when really I should be the one calling my mom and thanking her and wishing her a happy birthing day! You know? Mom’s should be the ones getting all the presents, and congratulations. After all they did all the work, all I did was show up!

My birthday soon turned into a blur of sight seeing around the city with my hubby and loving in-laws (in town for the Thanksgiving holiday). We live in a city known for its tourism, so there we were being tour guides, which I love. It’s great when we have visitors because even though we are now considered somewhat local, I love being a tourist in San Diego, it’s rad. It’s so much fun to revisit favorite spots in the city or to finally pop into that shop or restaurant or side of the city we’ve been wanting to discover. Some of our favorite hoods to hung out in are Ocean Beach, University Heights, North Park, Hillcrest, South Park and downtown to name a few.

We also took a little trip north from San Diego to Carlsbad for more sightseeing, and slowly made our way down the coast and stopped by Leucadia, Encinitas, Cardiff (where we had tasty Mexican food at Bull Taco), Solana (my new location for work….more on that later), and finally Del Mar before heading back into town. Lot’s of walks on the beach, delicious tacos and shopping at many of my favorite shops and boutiques. It’s no secret that I love Southern California, it is one of my favorite places on earth. Not only for its sunny beautiful coastlines, but for the culture and diversity. I wasn’t raised here, but deep in my heart I have always been a California girl and feel at home here.

The evening ended with excellent sushi and sweet delectable cupcakes from Babycakes in Hillcrest. My brothers met up to celebrate my birthday with us and were so nice to provide me not only with their wonderful loving company but generous gift cards to my favorite stores. I’m loving that!

LIFE is good. It’s not perfect by all means, but I’m at a point in my life where I feel happy to just BE. For the most part there is no destination, no antsy I need to be anywhere feeling, because I am where I want to be. HOME. And I am grateful. I remember a few years back when we first moved to San Diego, I was welcomed with this feeling of joy and contentment. I felt that I had reached a place that allowed me to BREATH and just BE me. Birthday’s remind me to welcome where I am in life no matter what and accept and give myself credit for where I’ve been and where I might go because no one else got me here or will get me there but myself.

I’m excited to see what this year will bring! Hopefully a baby?! 🙂 Cheers to BIRTH, LIFE, WISHES, DREAMS and going wherever the wind blows…


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