Abc’s and 123’s

TOMORROW I start my first day of work at my new job! I’m so excited! This past year has been a year of decisions decisions. I started my own business in October of 2011 to only realize not only that the market in my industry was way more competitive than anticipated, but that to own and run an LLC you really have to be financially on top of all the permits and taxes and well simply put, it was really expensive! So, I’ve changed routes (again).

This past year I also decided nursing was no longer in the cards for me (after turning down two consecutive years of acceptance into two different nursing programs, I finally made up my mind), and yes this time it’s for sure. I discovered I couldn’t do needles, 12 hour shift and I am way too emotional (especially around the sick, elderly or injured), so that wouldn’t of worked out! Ha ha…who was I kidding?! I’ve felt this sense of freedom and possibility ever since I finally made up my mind.

Anyway, I told my husband the other day to look at this past year as if I took a really expensive business 101 course (where I learned so much about things I previously had no idea about) such as BUSINESS. And this is another reason why he owns my heart. He is so supportive. I feel much more ready and driven to continue this new found venture of being and wanting to be a business owner. Un dia si dios quierre (as my mother always says). I have this new idea I’m so excited about! But I promised my husband that I wouldn’t dare start a new business anytime soon.

Anyway, I believe that it’s important to be ok with just living in the NOW. This is life. This is my life. I’ve learned to be ok with not what I want to do tomorrow or next year or when I grow up, but what I’m doing right NOW. I want to be present in what is happening right this very minute (like multi-tasking and watching Family Guy and my hubby fix his GoPro while I write this blog post). You know that saying life is not a destination it’s a journey? Exactly.

Yes, tomorrow! New job. I’ve realized that whatever it is that I do in this life it will involve helping people in some way, especially children. I have the biggest heart for them. They are so precious, innocent and eager to learn and well, they are our future! They need us and I am more than happy to be there for them. Not only do they brighten my day, my life, but they make me feel HOPE for the world. Love them!

So I am starting my new job as part of the teaching staff at a non-profit pre-school in Solana Beach. Right up my alley. So excited. Wish me luck! Here’s to diving into a new world of possibilities…


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