The Beauty of Surf and Apparel

SEEA BABES is one of my newest obsessions. I have a few right now (obsessions that is), and if you ask my husband he’ll tell you that I don’t stop talking about it until it happens or I get one…oh my goodness does this man win the award for the most patience! But anyway, that is neither here nor there…If you are a chica and live in Southern California (anywhere really) you will fall in love with Amanda Chinchelli, the founder and designer of Seea! She is committed to sustainable design and having her products be domestically made right here in our very own Southern California, right down to the famous breaks they are named after. These suits aren’t just pretty (darn cool), they are comfortable and practical (so they say and I can’t wait to get me one!). Every small detail from the multi-use vintage hangtags which are letterpress printed to complete the package deal with a hair band for your next surf session, how neat is that?

I am not a very good surfer. I am actually pretty terrified of the deep, sharks and drowning. But I still get out there. Not as much as I should. But when I do I have the biggest smile on my face. The crazy thing is I’ve aways had this love and passion for it even though I grew up in the PNW. Maybe because I was born in LA my soul just knew? Probably not. It must just be that I love a challenge. If it’s going to be hard, I wanna do it. If it’s going to scare me and make me feel vulnerable and alive, then I want to do it even more. I’m not afraid of looking like a dork either. I actually somehow find confidence in that. Less pressure you know? It’s like ok guys I’m not the best at this but I’m coming in…then people just leave you alone. I like that. I’m over trying to be cool. There are way too many people in the water unfortunately that think they own it. You know, I’m not very good at surfing, I like it, but I am never going to get agro about it. If I catch a wave (on a long board that is) then I’m a happy girl.

I grew up playing competitive sports. I always felt like I had to be the fastest girl in track, or one of the best soccer players or dancers. I have a competative gene (I also grew up in a house full of boys so I think that might have something to do with it). I don’t feel though that I need to be the best at surfing. Not at all. Oh my that reminds me. My father didn’t like that I played sports. He wanted me at home helping my mom. He hardly went to any of my soccer games, but was always there cheering on the boys…agh…he’s gotten a lot better since those days of course that was years ago, and even then I guess it wasn’t that bad. I would catch him bragging about my athletic abilities to my uncles or family on the phone and I’d be reminded that he did care, he was just an old fashion set in his ways Mexican machismo man. Ha!

Anywho, I will never forget the very first time my brother took me and one of my best gals (who also surfs and I love very much) out in San Diego when I was 18. It seems so long ago, and I will never forget the first time I caught my very own wave in Maui (I think the warm water had something to do with it) and my first board and wetsuit. The feeling of being in the water is one of the best. Paddling out or floating on the board watching the sunset or dolphins, even if you don’t catch very many waves, it’s still great. Just getting out is good enough for me. There needs to be more ladies out in the water for sure though. I need and would love more lady power. Maybe I should join a women’s long board club? Hmmmm…I wonder if there is such a thing? My husband is great, but he’s always off seeking bigger waves with his shorter board and well that’s not my style.

I admire smart and creative business women that get out there and make products or provide services with meaning and heart. I strive for that daily. I am glad that I came across Seea because maybe wearing some awesome fashion that is practical might disguise being a dork out in the water. I have always preferred more conservative bathing suits as it is, so these are perfect in my humble opinion:) I hope you enjoy their products and their vibe as much as I do. Hint to the hubby if he’s reading this (my b-day is just around the corner;) Pura Vida!

SOLD on their website at Seea and saw that Gregg’s Art & Surf Co. (a combined art gallery & specialty surf shop that promotes local artists, shapers and carries eco-conscious surf gear with sustainability in mind) carries them here in our very own Ocean Beach…


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