I Am Thankful for This We Call Life

TODAY, I am thankful for LIFE. November for me is not only a month to remind us to give thanks for everything we have, but being my birthday month, November for me reminds me to be thankful for my LIFE. And this is the theme for this little blog of mine…

Therefore today, this month and always I am reminded to give god and my mother thanks for LIFE. It is a gift. I  feel so blessed and grateful. Gracias.

This morning I’m reflecting about how I  truly believe that life is about choices. I choose to be happyI believe in optimism and in positive energy. And I am thankful for the ability to chose that for myself. If you give some out to the universe, you will receive some back. You know it’s that whole you get what you put in thing…

Anyway, I posted an image above that I took of one of my favorite places in San Diego a few weeks back. Windnsea Beach. It is a gem. It’s a small stretch of coastline, but with so much beauty and  so much surf history. There is a palm-covered shack that was originally constructed in 1946, known as “The Surf Shack at Windnsea Beach” that is still there thanks to the San Diego Historical Resources Board who designated it as a historical landmark. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but there is something about the energy there.

It’s so positive, it recharges me with every visit and always makes me feel ALIVE. And I am thankful for that today! I wish for you all the happiness and joy that you can wish! I hope you have a beautiful day.


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